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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle dumpling dude
Post Content
Dumpling, do you have migraines or headaches of any kind? Or maybe chronic neck & shoulder pain? I've had a similar experience during a period of bad migraines. Afterward, my migraines eased for while.
I could hear them talking, and it sounded like little gremlin voices, and something like the sound of Saturn that is in a video that was floating around here. Anyway, what I picked up was that they were trying to fix something that was making my migraines worse. I was having bad neck/shoulder pain with the headaches.
While the migraines are back to usual, the neck/shoulder pain rarely occurs with them anymore.
 Quoting: Texas Uncensored

Yes I did have severe pain and its subsided as a result.Although Ai still have have headaches,migranes,neck and shoulder pain its not as bad but have been fluctuating in severity.

It was kind of gremlinish now that you mention it but robotic .
The other poster said it sounded like a "chittering" noise which describes it pretty well.
Gremlinish is also a way to describe it.
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