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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, anything like this, 50 seconds in:

thank you for this video. i am looking at it in its entirety now. very informative and lending to my own theory. what is your opinion on this subject?

The fallen angels(watchers) gave the technology to the U.S. government, that ship is government.

As You can see its transparent, it cloaks, I know they have different shapes because the Lord showed me a vision of the triangle ones.

The dream had three triangle ships in the black starless night sky, they had red lights and were searching for something on the surface, the ground looked like it had been devastated by some disaster and it looked like it had flooded there, almost like a river with buildings sticking out.

I had a dream that had a ship that looked very similar to the underside of the one in this video. In the dream I was walking down the street of my neighborhood and it was night time and I heard this hissing noise (sort of a hissss...snuck, hissss....snuck) from above the rooftops of the houses on this street. I looked over and a giant ship looking almost exactly like the underside of the one in this video began to pass over. It was dark in color like brownish black and very intricate metal pieces and pipes with tiny red lights here and there. All i could see was the underside but it was huge at least as big as football field and started passing right over my head just a few yards above the rooftops.

In the next scene i was in a basement somewhere (reminded me of the basement of a bar where our old band used to play and the dressing rooms were down there.) My mother of all people was in one of the "dressing rooms" looking in a mirror and crying. I tried to speak with her from the doorway of this room but she would not respond. The next moment, and this is going to sound comical, but here goes, i looked down the hallway of this basement and a little gray was standing there looking at me and was wearing a janitor uniform (yeah i know crazy, right?) And I woke up...
 Quoting: Salt & Light

The grays are fallen Cherubim, the gargoyle looking ones with cat eyes are fallen Seraphim and the Nords are the Nephilim.

They can use human flesh to look human, there are many mixed in the human population and people can't tell the difference, "invasion of the body snatchers" is closer to reality than people think.
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