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Message Subject I had a huge UFO experience and need to hear from others if they have seen same...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
BTW: I have really no idea about the ones with frowns unless its ancient misinformation or something I don't know about, I do know he fallen Seraphim have black skin.

What kind of eyes did the MUFON lady have?

she looked human in every way, but her eyes changed, which she seemed to show me deliberately, and they seemed very inhuman and scary. silvery blue iris, pinhole pupil, and she made her eyes go real wide which made the iris seem too small and the whites all around the eye were showing. it was a flash of a sight, and then they went back to normal almost as if a switch was thrown.

She could of been a good angel or fallen one, all Seraphim fallen one or not have cats eyes because they are in the presence of the Lord and the Lord is very bright lol.

The difference between the fallen ones and the ones with the Lord is the fallen ones wings are gone and the evil smiles.

If the MUFON lady was one from the Lord it would have given You a ominous scary kind of feeling if You weren't saved, the evil ones try to make You feel as good as possible to deceive.

well it is hard to discern because she did tell me about how she used the Lord's prayer to make the grays go away from her bedside. but this was after long diatribes about being abducted and used for creating hybrids. then after she did the freaky eye thing, she seemed pleased in an evil way that she successfully scared the shit out of me. my hunch is that there was no good in her.

i was not saved at that point.

I don't know, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, I've found that just rebuking them in the name of Jesus works, she could of been human, if she was saved it could of scared You to if You weren't. The ones belonging to the Lord that have learned how to do spiritual warfare scare everything else.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1154175

I did not get the impression that she was saved. i don't remember her saying anything about God or Jesus or being saved at all during my time with her. Usually people who are saved and within this type of situation take opportunities to discuss appropriate scripture and what not to guide an unsaved thru.
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