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Subject VIDEO - 3 yo girl at TSA checkpoint screaming: 'STOP TOUCHING ME' - Agent persists
Poster Handle UNThredded
Post Content
TSA's enhanced Patdown of a 3 yo girl who keeps saying "stop touching me!".

You can thank OBAMA(Soon to be known as The PEDO-PREZ who ordered the implementation of these new procedures) and Napolitano for you new flying experience...

As for those who voted for this guy, well you can pat yourself on the back as you finally got the "change" you "Hoped" for.

Mission accomplished!!!! Now play the bagpipes for the Democratic party because come 2012, you will be lucky to see a single Democrat left in office with this to campaign on

Another video of it - Guy was a newsman and this is the story they aired. The fact that this guy simply sat there and allowed them to escalate this with his own daughter is pathetic...

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