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Message Subject VIDEO - 3 yo girl at TSA checkpoint screaming: 'STOP TOUCHING ME' - Agent persists
Poster Handle UNThredded
Post Content
The visual of this proves we have LOST ALL COMMON SENSE!!!!

and People will obey the gov to the demise of us all!!

Stunning, remarkable, disturbing, Am i really seeing this?
what the FUCK happened to our country. Any adults in charge..?

OK, I am putting you in charge of TSA. Three planes have just been blown out of the sky by Al Qaeda with bombs hidden in body cavities of Europeans of Islamic faith.

How are you going to ensure that the American traveling public is safe? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????​?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????​???????????????????????
 Quoting: Argene

Gee. I don't know. Perhaps start by refusing any flights from countries like Yemen would be a good start. Then dump the PC crap and use the most basic tool called profiling perhaps.

Last I checked, not many 3 year olds have caused any planes to crash

Then implement the Israeli methods and stop lining the pockets of Chertoff and Soros with their new toy companythwak
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