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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Desensitised
Post Content

I sense your frustration, I ponder over why I was so attracted to the early messages and what could the purpose be? I felt so connected to them. Now that I have let go, its like ´okay that was interesting´.

Like Nancy, I feel she is a primary player who does not realise that her role is not one of saviour, but more practical role of helping us overcome our fears.

Like Zetatalk, I was drawn in and believed...its hard for me to think that I have been so naive (because I always thought I had it together) and have to wonder if it is just all preparation. Then I can forgive myself and ´them´ and try and see the bigger picture, whilst strengthening my own connection with God.

Are we being desensitised? Drama has less and less hold or effect on us? all the letting go of beliefs etc. are leading me back to simplicity of being. I just dont have the same driving passion anymore.

So much so that after all these years of searching and endless reading, I am attempting to overcome my resistance (go figure!) and find myself turning to the New Testament of the bible and praying for the codes to be shown to me...as in the truth.

Everything else is falling away as we stand naked in our faith and we must trust that all is as it should be, surrender and live your life in love and just do and be the best you can, it is what it is, we cannot resist anymore.

Peace to you
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