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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Ave de Prata
Post Content

Nothing has changed in Operation Terra,
except for a few details, that are just a
" fine tunning " while the process unfolds.

Read the messages again, they are all
still valid.

Remember to discern in Vol. 3 what refers
to the First and Second Wave and what refers
to the Third Wave.

And see in " The Crystal Stair " that the
First Wave is made up by Volunteers.

Remain calm and confident in God and
in the Hosts of Archangel Michael.
( The Hosts of Heaven )

The schedule for levitation was already
given, letīs hope that the choice of our
Souls prior incarnation had been for the
lifting in the First or Second Wave, and
if we remain for the Third Wave, well, this
is what our Souls have considered the better
for our progress.

Read another books about the Lifting and
Ascension, it will help you to strenghten
the trust in the process.

You will perceive that there is no
contradiction in these works, all they are
saying exactly the same:

- Bible, specially Luke " the Day of the
Son of Man ", Matthew, and the Apocalypse.

- Project World Evacuation, Ashtar Command
through Tuella

- The Crystal Stair, by Eric Klein.

- Operation Terra

Your friend,
Ave de Prata
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