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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle NOONE
Post Content
Brothers and sisters I am the original poster who posted the original image on SOHO. The reason that I was allowed to somehow post it before everyone else is clear to me now. There is no coincidences in life only fate. The time is getting closer for the moment of truth and this time is now. I can feel it in the air so to speak. Those who are ready for the next evolutionary leap into the new terra will be lifted up into mother ships which are stationed all around planet earth before the pole shift takes place. I have been waiting intuitively for this moment all my life. I knew that I do not belong in here but only now I realise that I and many more of us belong to the stars. Many if not all of whom read this message here will be disgust by what I have just said, many will disapprove, many will laugh, many might call me another Prophet Yahweh or a nut case. You can not stop truth become reality. By condemning what I have just said you show exactly what you are.

Love and Light!
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