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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle SheLoves
Post Content

Brother, I know how you feel, I struggle too, sometimes the yearning becomes an ache that is the only real thing in this world of illusion. I cry with longing to be home with my soul family, but I also know that they will always be there and are guiding me every moment. But I have to accept my path for God. What you resist persists, let go, this life is TEMPORARY.

You said: "I love, understand and respect everybody and everything that has the same values as I do."

Is your love conditional? a choice to love only that which is like yourself as you percieve it. Realise that you are seperating yourself from the ´whole´. ´Love thy neighbour as thyself´, love one another as I have loved you´. Not only if they are like you, for its in our differences that the truth will be shown. WE are ALL ONE soul living seperate existances. There are no guidelines as to who or what to love, just love.

You can do it, just let go of attempting to control life around you, the still voice within will guide you every moment if you connect with God and become conciously aware of your actions and reactions.

Am I responding from a place of love or fear? Ask yourself each time and forgive yourself each time you think or act from fear and continue.

Love is there, just accept it.
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