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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

My true love, respect and understanding is unconditional only to those of the higher vibrations. There can not be true love, respect and understanding of those who are lacking such qualities. Just because we are all one doesn´t mean we have to tolerate evil expressions. God is about goodness and fairness. All expressions are eventually striving to become positive in nature. Let those "evil" experssions have their free will until one day some of them are going to get tired of their miserable experience and change their hearts, raise their vibrational state and become service to others.

I think many Christians misinterpreted this follwong phrase - ´Love thy neighbour as thyself´. It doesn´t mean literally that one must love everybody else as much as he/she loves her/him self. It is calling us to try and be more understanding and respectful with each other. If you think that you must enforce love on yourself and just love everybody else unconditionally no matter what they are then you are only deceiving yourself and others. If you can not be honest with yourself you can not be honest with others. If you are not honest with others you create false identity.
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