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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle SEARCHER
Post Content
Hello Searcher, we can talk here too,
besides that place we are already talking.
Your friend,

Nice to talk to you Ave in the place where we first met, GLP. Some re union of sorts.

TO COMPLETE THE FUN, PAGING OUR OLD DEAR FRIENDS, LIKE SHYNESS, EUROPA, A.F.T. STARWALKER, TANNER/FOX MOULDER. Of course, Mccubick is always present here and never left. I believe that we now have reached the climax of the Operation Terra saga with the reported impending departure of Lyara by August 1. Will be a very interesting watch. We now have at least 9 days (per my time zone) left before the much awaited Lyara´s encounter with destiny. It would also be interesting to watch how many will be noticeably absent in this board presuming that they eventually will follow Lyara to what she says is a huge mothership? By the way, lately the SOHO pics showed what looked like a huge starship in the foreground. Others called it a suncruiser. Is that the place where Lyara and company will go. I´m just stirring matters up for a lively ensuing talk. Anybody.

Mccubick, I told Ave that you keep on bumping the thread as you missed him terribly. Is that correct. He has come back.

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