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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Stanislav Spon
Post Content
The personal message to Lyara:

(In response to my expressed feeling that things were speeding up even more)

All right, now. You have asked and we shall answer.

Yes, it is as you have surmised. There have been some developments that we are not at all pleased with, ones that require an intensification of our efforts with those of the first two waves. This will require more of us and more of all of you, and you may pass this information on as you see fit. We will try to do as much of this increased frequency-adjusting during your sleep time, so if you can obtain more hours of sound sleep, that will make it easier for all of us -- those who are working with you and those who are receiving the work.

The "buzz" you are feeling right now is symptomatic of this further increase in acceleration. Do what you can to ground: deep breathing, meditating, quieting yourself as much as possible. Warm (not hot) baths, with sea salt for balancing or Epsom salts if a lot of clearing is taking place. Be gentle with yourself and treat yourself as if you were under a great deal of stress, for this IS stressful to your physical body, which is unaccustomed to this rapid change in frequency. It may feel as though you are going to shake yourself apart or explode from the intensity of the sound* response within your atomic structures. However, this passage -- as intense as it is -- will be of shorter duration and then you will be safely with us again and have ample time to recover and adapt.

[*The atomic structures are vibrating in frequency resonance with the sound stimulus being applied to our physical bodies.]

rising in frequency

We have to bring you up [in frequency] quickly so that you can smoothly mesh with the lowest portion of our frequency band. We are taking you up as rapidly as we can within safe limits. It will not be pleasant -- for you or for us -- but we recognize the necessity of doing this for all concerned. Too much hangs in the balance to take any unnecessary risks.

Nuclear war is now likely to occur and the effects of that are far-reaching -- and not just on the physical level. Nuclear explosions cause effects on the fabric of matter beyond the localized damage that you see -- short and long-term. They rip a hole in the fabric and are far more violent than you know. That is why we want you safely aboard the ships.

This was not anticipated 20 years ago, but a number of things have happened in unexpected ways. The special forces and third wave will -- ironically enough -- be safe on the ground, precisely because they will still be in 3D structures, [operating] at the same frequency as the planet. But those ofyou who have to transform before lifting the third wave are vulnerable to these effects if you are -- shall we say -- BETWEEN [frequency] bands. Once aboard our ships, you will be totally safe.

The order of things has changed. The lifting queue has been rearranged according to "dispensability." Those who are most central to the "op" will go first and those [who are] more peripheral will go second. It is merely a fine-tuning of what was already laid out for the first wave and the second wave. "Hospitality" functions would be secondary to communications, strategy, and quick response team training. All will be aboard before the end of the calendar year (2005) -- no vernal equinox calculation [this time].


It is time to re-evaluate your priorities also. Get your work done and take care of yourself -- counter the stress any way you can. Get sleep, nourish yourself. We will take care of the rest. You are "our own," and we take care of our own.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

[Amen, and thank you.]
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