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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don´t know who You are; I don´t know what You are. But I do know, or at least I believe, that my mind has a Source. Something created my consciousness, and whatever that is must be a greater mind than mine. So whoever You are, whatever You are, I´m talking to You, Source of my mind. And I assume that You can hear me. And if You can hear me, then what I´m saying to You is this. I am going through all of these gardens and all of this effort because I want to become more aware of You. I want to get to know You better. I am going to be watching for You, looking for You, trying to be sensitive to You in two ways. Every time I come through these gardens, I´m going to try to be sensitive to You: to see You, hear You, feel You and respond to You. As well, during the day, as I go through the outer world, the world of the senses, I´m going to try to feel and be aware of You in things that people say to me. I´m going to watch for You by watching who You put in my life, and I´m going to notice that You are involved in everything that goes on in my life. I´m going to assume that every time I´m frustrated, every time I lose my temper, every time I´m affected by someone else´s communication, that You have set it up and that You are right there watching. I´m going to assume that when You have set up a situation to make me frustrated that it´s done to let me know what frustrates me. So I´m going to become much more aware of where my buttons are, where my weaknesses are, and by doing that I´ll become more familiar with the fact that You are there. Each day, I will know you better.
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