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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dont know who You are; I dont know what You are. But I do know, or at least I believe, that my mind has a Source. Something created my consciousness, and whatever that is must be a greater mind than mine. So whoever You are, whatever You are, Im talking to You, Source of my mind. And I assume that You can hear me. And if You can hear me, then what Im saying to You is this. I am going through all of these gardens and all of this effort because I want to become more aware of You. I want to get to know You better. I am going to be watching for You, looking for You, trying to be sensitive to You in two ways. Every time I come through these gardens, Im going to try to be sensitive to You: to see You, hear You, feel You and respond to You. As well, during the day, as I go through the outer world, the world of the senses, Im going to try to feel and be aware of You in things that people say to me. Im going to watch for You by watching who You put in my life, and Im going to notice that You are involved in everything that goes on in my life. Im going to assume that every time Im frustrated, every time I lose my temper, every time Im affected by someone elses communication, that You have set it up and that You are right there watching. Im going to assume that when You have set up a situation to make me frustrated that its done to let me know what frustrates me. So Im going to become much more aware of where my buttons are, where my weaknesses are, and by doing that Ill become more familiar with the fact that You are there. Each day, I will know you better.
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