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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Seekerman
Post Content
Hi there,I´ve been reading the site for a few years..and one of the message articles that struck me was when I read this:

- "We will try to do as much of this increased frequency-adjusting during your sleep time, so if you can obtain more hours of sound sleep, that will make it easier for all of us -- those who are working with you and those who are receiving the work...." -

For a few years,occasionally,I´ve been experiencing uncomfortable body vibrations during sleep. There was VERY uncomfortable focused "Zinging"(thatīs how Iīd describe it) on both sides of my ribs and sometimes different points on my torso. I didn´t experience any of it this year. It just stopped happening. Only after I read that part,I began to think that this has to do with ´their work´.

and 1 day before I read the last msg,I was playing an xbox game and in the intro of it,a company called ´Midway´ is credited..and somehow I felt that it´s important for me to remember that word. Then the next day,I read the latest opterra msg..and it mentioned ´Midway Station´

Stunned me. Then soon,one or few days later(i forgot) I experienced another body vibration during sleep and then I instantly got this mental msg that it´s from ´them´.

just yesterday,during sleep again,I felt myself floating in & out of my body. Only the top half body. I felt like I was being pulled. Then my body was on my side,the same in/out happen. My eyes open and I see that I´m in a lighted place. But i was sleeping in darkness.

Even with all this happening,i´m still questioning and wondering if it´s all just me thinking too much. or it´s just OBEs.
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