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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Mr. Rogers
Post Content
Here is where I am.........

I can relate to the Operation Terra messages, but find them to be quite limiting. But I do agree that humanity will ascend into a new reality.

I see the craft all the time, flying by me and giving warm and friendly greatings (many times humorious as well.)

I am very connect to the divinty within my soul. I can see what seperates me and makes me diffrent than the masses. I know and feel that I am complete......or pretty damn close.

If you add all the variables together, what do you get

-the aeon of Horus(Christ) that seems to be reaching its goal

-the paterns that are setting within the minds of every human.

-the presence of U.F.O.īs....but not much else.

Add it all in and it mirrors the Terra message quite well.

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