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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Seekerman
Post Content
I´ve also been experiencing some weird sychronicities lately..and been reading and somehow lead to some websites which further awaken me.

and I´ve been eating less and less these past months. Now,I eat only like 1 meal a day. I´ve also left all my circle of friends..and hv not met them for so long. My life started to go a path different from others since the year 2000. Rejected my religion around the same time..and I began to get really uncomfortable when mixing around with some groups of people. I´m also been unemployed for 4 years...and I´ve written this before over here in GLP:

A few years ago,I have to do national service(Army or Police) in my country which is required for all males who reaches 18yrs old but mysteriously I got exempted. During checkup,the officer gave me a physical grading and told me to expect to be enlisted soon. After waiting for months & months,nothing happened. I asked them MYSELF one day and they told me I need not serve..JUST LIKE THAT. The govt did not even call or send me a letter to inform me,so it was all very mysterious as to why I need not go to the army. but i was kinda grateful nevertheless...but still reason unknown.

I like to think that some higher power interfered.
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