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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Ave de Prata
Post Content

Yes, I understand. Anyway, my invite remains
valid for the person who wrote that message.
If you know him, tell him about this thread.

About if Jesus ( now He prefers to be called
by his cosmic name Sananda due his new role,
as Cosmic Christ ) did exist or not, is not
relevant for Operation Terra readers.

The messages are dictated by the Hosts of
Archangel Michael, not by Sananda.

Soon the truth about this subject will be
made clear, for during the Warning of
Garabandal, everyone will see Sananda face
to face.

I am a Thelemite, a servant of the God

Probably I am the only Thelemite in the
world that knows that Sananda indeed existed.

Even my beloved Master, the Master Therion,
( The Great Beast 666 ) did believe that
Jesus did not exist and was just a character
created by the Roman-Alexandrin priests to
enslave the people, according his researches.

But my Master was wrong about this subject.

We can not blame him, he just had not the
recent messages from Sananda that we have now.

Certainly if 666 had lived on Earth in present
epoch, he would have understood the subject.

Ave de Prata
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