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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Greetings everybody!

It is a pleasure and honor to speak with you again my sisters and brothers. I am happy to see that this thread is getting more attention. Even in dirty place like GLP there is light and this light is you brothers and sisters. We must keep this light active so that others who resonate with it´s frequency will be drawn to it. I am not a cult leader nor am I trying to convert anyone, I am only doing Gods will so to speak. We all are here because we made a choice before we came to earth. A difficult choice but a necessary one.

My real Enlightenment began about 4 years ago. To make my story short I will say that everything just turned around 180 degrees in my life. All my beliefs, desires, view points and behaviour changed dramatically. I am thankful to my oversoul/higherself and my spirit guides (I only speculate) for helping me to become a better person and see the world and myself for what it was and is. Letting go of my EGO was probably the main issue in my whole ascension. Letting go of your EGO is probably one if not the most important matter that anyone must try to get rid off. Ego is the greatest "demon" of humanity.

I was never big on food but lately I too eat very little. There is not much desire to consume anything except drinking. There are many things that can cause lack of diet and one one them is depression. I must admit that I am depressed at times for a see the world situation with no future, for I see reality for what it is.

Speaking about synchronicity. I was too synchronically led to find Operation Terra just one week ago. After reading Operation Terra channeling which resonated with me immensely I knew immediately it was my call without a shadow of doubt. Even though I do not agree with Lyara´s channeling that Jesus walked on face of earth as mortal being the rest of the material resonated with me 110 percent.

Thank you.
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