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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Stanislav Spon
Post Content
A brief welcome!

We are not as active as we used to be - we really just came into
being when we all felt we had to stand up to the way the original
site was being handled by Lyara and her partner. That was a big
battle a couple of years ago!

And I think that I can speak for us all here that we really don´t
doubt our spiritual credentials, but we don´t feel part of Lyara´s
definition of Op Terra either.

If she is off next week - then good luck to her! I know that Lori and
myself, for example, now have a much greater sense of integrating
with the world as it is, rather than escaping anywhere or being taken

I suspect if Lyara was a slightly more advanced teacher, she would be
suggesting that you will be moving to where you need to be, rather
than saying you can´t be part of her gang because you are not a 100%
believer! That was the sort of thing that put most of us off too!!


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