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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle mcubik
Post Content
a bump and a rant

my goodness people what more could you want we got the revelation, the rapture, ragnarok, we got a one legged cop killer on the lam with his moll a tiny possibly deranged cult leader who converses with angels we got vesuvians, a crowleyite or two lurking in the shadows we got octopi like oversouls extending tentacles of being into various timelines, nuclear war a definitive date motherships hovering above we even got an apparition of jesus oh yes we even got amway
we got pathos bathos and everything inbetween is this a tragedy a comedy is it both is it the end of the old creation the beginning of the new or just cyber sound and fury signifying nothing not interested oh well go back to your worry and unreal reality shows ignore the real surreal life unfolding in front of you bump bump bump bump bump
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