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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Stanislav Spon
Post Content
Hi Everyone,

And, welcome Kristi. I can only speak for myself
here...but I think that we all realized through this
"adventure" at Op Terra that in the end it was indeed
really all "about the message and not our opinions
about the messenger." Not only did I receive the
wisdom gifted from the channeling´s, (I always try to
remind myself to ask/affirm when reading any material
to "take what I am supposed to learn from it and leave
the rest")... I learned to trust in my own inner
connection far more after the dust settled and I was
able to step out of my emotions to a higher extent
(becoming the observer of my own actions, if I may)
from it all. In fact, I am sure that this lesson was
integrated into the book that I wrote titled "A Victim
No More, Living a Life Free of Judgment." The other
beautiful gift that I received from that experience
was creating some wonderful spiritual friendships with
several of the other participants. Those that chose to
let the more unpleasant part of it go and not give it
any more energy...grew and evolved beautifully along
side me on my path. For that, I am eternally grateful.

This whole experience reminds me once again that
within the statement "Everything happens for a reason"
lies a whole lot of truth and makes even more sense. I
personally believe that when you focus and put your
atttention and energy on the positive (LOVE-filled)
gifts that you learn from all experiences... that is
what eventually comes back to you in one form or

Neale Walsch stated in one of his books "My way is not
the only way, it is just one way," and THAT made so
much sense to me. The Christians, and from my
viewpoint, Lyara, tend to think that their way is the
only "right" or "best" way...and that kind of belief
system will always produce the result of separation
and a sense of being left behind for others. Harry
Palmer once stated "When the right and wrong game
winds down, world peace will ensue." And, what a
beautiful thought form to love into our reality!
Really, if we are all part of the same awareness, it´s
only our beliefs that set us apart.... (And often
cause strife anyway.)

Change your beliefs...change your reality. Now, THAT
is self-empowerment! I know that it is possible, as
I´ve done it over and over again in my life, striving
each time to raise my vibration of love as I go.
Loving myself regardless of those times when I fall
flat on my face is such a wonderful experience. And,
not judging myself for it even a greater leap of
growth for me. And, because I´ve drawn in others at
this higher vibration to support me and mirror back my
self-love...I will likely continue doing so the rest
of my time on this planet. Of course, sometimes I
really enjoy learning and other times, well, it can be
painful... but when I stay in gratitude for BOTH types
of experiences, the learning process is far more
pleasant and the time of painful experiences seem to
become less and less desirable or "in my reality" as
time goes on.

O. Kay...enough said for now. I love you all and wish
you a bright and beautiful day here on planet earth!
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