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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle SEARCHER
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"comrades years ago there was a pastor in garland texas i believe a korean fellow who had a revelation from god informiing him of the date on which the world was going to end he in turn informed his flock and garnered a bit of local publicity when on the aforementioned day the world unfortunately did not end the press was there asking him to commnent he did the translation went something like this

im very sorry i was mistaken and i dont think you people should listen to me any more

true story and a true prophet with honor

I am aware of what you´re talking about. The Korean pastor announced the Rapture of October 1992 which did not happen. Is that correct? Rapture=Lifting=Ascension

Will it happen this year August- December 2005?

If Mcubik does not bump this thread anymore, then he´s lifted. Correct, amigo?

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