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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Interesting article with interesting resources. I didn´t know that Dolores Canon was in the New Earth bandwagon, I just knew her for her Nostra books. It is interesting to note that her book about Earth splitting in two Earths is from 1998, prior to OT thus. This same subject is dealt with in OT messages, the Splitting of the Realities.

Article excerpt:


However, years before Eckhart Tolle's version, there was the remarkable work of hypnotherapist, past life regressionist and author, Dolores Cannon, who was writing about this very scenario as far back as 2001 and before in her books "The Custodians: Beyond Abduction" and her trilogy entitled, "The Convoluted Universe – Books 1, 2 & 3".

(NOTE: (this claim needs more research, I haven´t read her book, lately have appeared many ETs claiming to be the creators of mankind)

Through her regressed clients, Dolores Cannon has been able to speak to a group of highly evolved beings known as "the Custodians," who say they were the ones who created our Earth and the human race. The Custodians have explained that they are essentially the parents of all people upon the Earth.
So, an extremely ambitious and very unique plan was devised. And as this plan is set to unfold, it is going to be through an absolutely miraculous process. In fact, so miraculous that a plan of this magnitude has never been attempted in the history of the universe before –– until now.

(NOTE: this sounds a bit off, information from more reliable messages say that this process that Earth will undergo is routine in the Cosmos)

The Custodians have confirmed that the grand plan to save humanity involves the process of creating two distinct Earths –– one that will remain in a 3-D, lower consciousness reality as it is now, and a second Earth, that will reside in a 5-D, higher consciousness reality.


Many other individuals who have been stepping forward are reporting they also have been contacted by extra-terrestrials who have offered very similar messages for the future of humanity.

Recently, a man by the name of Anthony Kane (pictured below), a relative of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, stated on the Exopolitics radio show with host Alfred Webre that he was contacted by extra-terrestrials who are known as the "Council of Twelve."

Webre writes:

"They delivered a number of specific datelines and predicted developments concerning a dimensional shift which Earth and human consciousness is now undergoing in relation to the year 2012.

Mr. Kane describes the “Council of Twelve” as stating that during the nine days from December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) to December 21, 2012, the planet Earth will split dimensionally into two separate Earths, each of which has different dimensional frequencies. Mr. Kane describes this as a process analogous to the way that a single cell can split into two cells.

According to the “Council of Twelve,” humans with a consciousness anchored in fear will remain in the third dimensional Earth. Individuals who are experiencing a “conscious awakening” and putting an effort into being conscious of the shift will migrate into the new dimension of the fifth dimensional Earth."

Is A New Earth Being Prepared for Humanity?

A grand plan appears to be emerging to save the human race and our planet Earth!

News | June 29, 2010

Reported by Scott Mowry

[link to www.miraclesandinspiration.com]
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