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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes indeed, extremely important message for those who appreciate Operation Terra messages but were in doubt about the whole thing after so many failed predictions about the lifting. A link up between Operation Terra and Master Messages was established in this message, both come from the same source - God.


"Because this clearing needs enough of you to be able to ascend, the clearing has been delayed. This is why the dates given for Operation Terra are not as correct as we would all have anticipated at the time those messages were delivered."

This is a confirmation of something we have already commented here many times, based on messages from many sources, specially Jesus´messages through Evangelical seers: the Rapture or lifting has been delayed because of lack of candidates qualified. Just a few are prepared, and that isn´t enough - there must be a certain number, a "critical mass" for group Ascension take place.

I don´t know how this problem will be solved. That would be a good question for Saint Germain. Is this delay improving this condition ? Or it is worsening, since many Ascension candidates give up the ideia after so many failed predictions and have imersed again totally in the material life, forgetting the whole thing.

Is there an end for the window of opportunitty to make the Ascension or the dates can be push forward indefinitelly ?
(P.S. this question SG has already answered in a recent message, time for preparation is coming to a close)

When this window will close, and what will happen if there will be not enough candidates for Ascension then ? This question I think Saint Germain has already answered as well in recent messages, what will happen is that Ascension will be done for less candidates than expected and the window will close, after that, Ascension only will be possible at death´s moment.

When this window will close ? End 2011 ? 2012 ? After that ?

About "Lyara thinks the "dates pushed forward" are now here" I am not sure, her intuition for dates seems not very good, she may be just being influenced by McKenna predictions.
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