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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Precisely. That was exactely what I was wondering. It is logical to suppose that Light Beings, from their loft point of view, should know just by a measurement of candidates condition - vibration, remaining Karma to be balanced, level of spiritual awakened condition, and all the other required conditions for the Ascension, HOW MANY CANDIDATES COULD BE COUNTED ON FOR THE ASCENSION.

Therefore, a perhaps much more efficient approach (in my humble and low point of view )could have been taken, just saying " these messages are accurate, all this will take place in a near future still in this lifetime for most of you reading these messages, correct dates can not be given since they depend on several factors, mainly the number of candidates and their level of preparation, also depends on mass consciousness, and decisions coming from God, therefore make your part, do your preparation work according to our instructions, help spread these messages in order they can reach more candidates, go forward living your life according to the principles teached by all Masters in all times and places, wait for the best, be optimistic but not anxious about a radiant future and eventual sufferings you still will have to endure due the remainder of your bad Karma. "

If the messages would have ended more or less this way, they would have maintened its credibility and usefulness.
We can see the example of Bible, where is said " the hour only the Father knows " "These things will come to pass shortly ", however 2,000 years have passed but despite that, Bible has not lost its credibility and usefulness as source of Spiritual instruction.

How clumsy was these modern attempts of instruction about End Times !

Excelent materials, extremely needed and sought for people hungry for Spiritual instructions, in a sea of false and confuse channelings and media lies.

How many more candidates could have been prepared now if these instructions hadn´t lost their credibility and had spread more ?

About Lyara, despite her terrible ego issues not yet solved, she is a genuine Light servant, and she had participated in the best sets of instructions given in these past 30 years:

Project World Evacuation (1982) where there are messages received by her

The Crystal Stair, by Eric Klein (as editor and Eric supporter)

Operation Terra

All these sources match and come from the same source, and together with Master Messages form the best set of instructions about End Times.

All them ended the same way, losing its credibility due false dates predictions.

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