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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Message from Ashtar

12 of May of 2010

1840 - Not always, the messages attributed to the Christ's Representatives are real manifestation of His Presence

Clairvoyance: I saw a big spaceship of the Commander Ashtar close to our country. From it left smaller ones visiting your cities. They were several small spaceships moving soft and silent among the buildings and houses. From inside of them, equipments controlled by work teams sought "redeemable beings". Then soon I heard the illustrious Commander's words:

We wish Peace for all planetary sides and in your hearts too!

Friends, many people judged our warnings just false projections of our imaginative minds wanting to appear in the terrestrial scenery. Moreover, many people judged us exploiting the human credulity. Many people judged our presence in favor of the evil.

In fact, all that thought like this, they were somehow correct, because, not always the messages attributed to Christ's Representatives such as terrestrial, intra e extraterrestrial beings were real manifestation of His Presence.

There is too much mystification!

The Beast's" "representatives always try to confuse more and more the human beings, because they want to seduce them with false impressions, to turn them easy preys and to defeat them.

They rejoice with the human spiritual immaturity and mental laziness of many.

Bear in mind that, however, there are always many mystifiers; it does not mean that we have not describing clearly the current events, as determines the Father.

We are Representatives of Superior Hierarchies and we spoke to you on behalf of the Spiritual Governor of Earth, Master Jesus Sananda. Those connected with Him will recognize the real force of His Presence in our words, who we are and the truth of our words.

Then it only depends on you to tune in you with the appropriate communication frequencies in order to avoid the mystifiers.

Would you look for which connection, if you had your heart is full of fear, hate and distrust?

Fill your heart with love, trust and peace hearts. Understand the importance of that hour; practice the renouncement, scarifying whatever necessary to enter in the Merciful Love of God.

We will stay with you until the end, as it was informed. Our space ships already occupy your cities and we have already been mapping your hearts.

We are fulfilling our part, in the development of facts before the "final evacuation", and we hope you could accomplish yours.

In fact, we beg to the Creator so that you can accomplish your programming, escaping from the Beast and throwing yourselves into the infinite sea of the Divine Kindness.

We wish Peace on all planetary sides and in your hearts too!

Commander Ashtar Sheram, GESH - 03/05/09 Vitoria/ES Brazil

[link to www.extraseintras.com.br]


I have been following this group´s messages for many years now, and what I can say is that it is a serious group which does a serious work. They are a Spiritualist group, with physical locale where the gatherings take place. The messages from this group are coherent, clear. They never give false dates or contradictory messages. These messages match with Bible and major prophecies sources, such as Nostradamus, which is a regular presence there as well.
They receive messages from Jesus, Ramatis (the group´s Spiritual leader), Ashtar, Intra and Extra Terrestrials linked to the Ashtar Command.

This particular message isn´t very well translated, but it is important since it gives a general overview on what is happening now in the planet and what will happen in the future, the final evacuation, as predicted in Ashtar Command books, Bible and other sources.
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