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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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************ R A R E **************

This is another source speaking about the Three Waves of Ascension.

Amethyst Revelations

[link to www.amethyst-revelations.com]

Amethyst Revelations

- Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings -

10th June 2010

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: Good morning my friends. How lovely it is to be with you once again and this morning I would like to perhaps start our message in a different way, and maybe this morning we could start with the questions first, I mean the questions that you have already come prepared with, and see if I can help you. How would that be?

SHEILA: That would be fine Dear Master.

Someone has queried a statement that you made in your last transmission on the 3rd June, 2010, at the bottom of Page 1 – “…..it just happens to be that it will happen now, through the beginning and the middle of the 21st Century….”. They are saying, they thought the Ascension was going to happen in the next three to five years? We have said that it will take some time for the earth to adjust. May we ask for your comments please?

LORD SANANDA: Let me explain. Throughout the teachings that I have been bringing to you over the last few weeks I have made a very pointed statement regarding self-awareness. Now, the beginning of the evolution of the next stage of man – we call it the light years, whatever you would like to call it - the beginning of the Ascension will most definitely have been completed within the next three to four years - five years is the maximum.

Next year in your calendar, which is 2011, will begin the preparation, and this preparation for the humanrace - and remember I have told you that the Ascension Plan is twofold, it involves the humanrace and Mother Earth - so the preparation for the humanrace will begin in earnest next year.

Many people will find themselves awakening to spiritual teachings, spiritual music, understanding the world more in spiritual terms as opposed to material and monetary. That is part of the preparation for those on, shall we say, the novice level - those who have never thought about spirituality in their life; who have just accepted that life is life and they get on with it; who do not believe that there is an after-life; who do not believe in anything spiritual - those will be the ones who will have the greatest, rapid increase in spiritual awareness, and self-awareness. That will take them approximately two to three years to reach to the Ascension level – two to three years for novices to reach the level for Ascension, where they can understand the Ascension, accept it and ascend. Does that make sense?

Those of you who are already at the Ascension level – if you like Ascended Masters here on earth, “Ascended Adepts” - you understand what I am talking about. Those of you who are very self-aware, those of you who are in groups who understand the Ascension Plan, and have followed it and taken it wholeheartedly, inwardly, and understand it, you will need to be here as Teachers and your span here on the earth will be somewhere between two to three years, and I don’t mean that you will die in two to three years, I mean that you will have two to three years in which to teach and help and charge with love and understanding those who are still blissfully ignorant of the changes of the world.

Now, the date for the mass Ascension - or shall we say, the penultimate phase - will be somewhere between three to four years of your earth time - it will not be any longer than that – so that is three to four years. Now, after that time, after those four years, there will be a further time of what some people refer to as tribulation. Now, this is the second half of the Ascension – this is the time when Mother Earth will truly let go, when everything will become in chaos. You think that your weather is upside down now, you think you have seen volcanic eruptions which have caused extensive disruption to you here in the West and in Russia, Asia, and other such places. You have seen nothing – the volcanic eruptions will become greater, they will become more frequent, they will become greater in their intensity and will in their turn decrease the likelihood of the sun getting through to the earth giving life, giving nurture and growth - that will be minimal - so that will be one part of the tribulation.

The other part which is already beginning to happen now, and as I have already made several references, will be the materialistic and the financial part of your world. It is already beginning to crumble and crumble away very rapidly. There are more nations that are bankrupt than you could ever think of, and as I have said to you, this current disaster which is hitting all of your headlines – the oil spill in America – this Company will need financial aid and it will have a huge repercussion on your financial world as you know it in the coming days.

Now, to go back to Mother Earth - the second part of the phase - it will take a few more years to let go of everything. We have covered the volcanic eruptions which are probably the greatest threat to the earth itself, because the dust and detritus which is thrown into the air will cut off the lifegiving sun, and remember also that I told you that your planet is turning very slightly on its axis which would have already made lifegiving rays and heat from the sun difficult to absorb in certain parts of your planet, but the volcanic eruptions will put a very hasty end to this. So parts of the world will become colder, plants won’t grow. Food won’t grow.

People will find it increasingly difficult to live outside, there won’t be enough fresh air to breathe. Now remember, for people who have decided that the Ascension wasn’t going to happen - the Ascension was nothing and the earth is still here so what is the problem - now it will take a few years longer for life itself to become totally unbearable upon the face of the planet. This then will be the final phase of the Ascension.

Now, let us see what we are left with. Those who have readily ascended and gone and are now living quite happily in the new world, although they are able to see and they will be able to watch and observe what is happening on the old earthplane should they wish, there will be some of you left here to help those who are left behind, to help them change their minds, to help them to open up.

So, we have the beautiful phase of the Ascension which is finished and the new world is thriving in light and love beautifully, but down here on the earthplane we have an earth which is in the throes of dying - a planet, a star, which is dying - but it is still inhabited by those few stubborn beings so, it will take maybe one or two years to convince them to bring them up again once more to the level of Ascension self-awareness. When that level is reached they will all be taken, and it is our plan that none shall be left behind. After that - after the souls have been taken away and they too have come to the realisation of the new world - the planet still remains, and now Mother Earth can get on with her rebirthing. She will split, she will explode, she will finish, and in its place will be a new different evolved world, and the cycle of life will begin again, but not life as you know it. It will be a different planet, it will have a different composition, it will have been split open, there will be places which - does this sound familiar? – will be dry which were wet. There will be places which were wet and will become dry, and there will be places which were mountainous which will become flat, and there will be a different set of flora and fauna, a different set of gas, a different set of life-giving chemicals if you like - for the scientists, a different type of primordial soup in which life will begin - but this will take time.

Now, does that make it clear?

SHEILA: Yes it does beautifully, thank you so much dear Master.

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[link to www.amethyst-revelations.com]
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