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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In this particular St. Germain´s latest he speaks about continent movements, I wonder that if it is linked to Zetas prediction of imminent movements or refers to future events.

There is a timing in another St. Germain messages as well, he said in a recent message that there is a window in the end 2011 and they will try to make the Ascension of one million.
But in another message just prior to that he also propose to make 2012 a target date to have 20 million ascending, but commented also that it would take some more years after 2012 to have even a quarter of that ready.
Therefore if end 2011 will be another failure, the other time frame given by St. Germain will not be much different from that given by Sananda in Amethyst Revelations, First and Second Wave in three, four or five years at most, one or two years of Tribulation and then Third Wave.

Of course there isn´t any guaranty that these dates are correct.

Conclusion: none.

Perhaps a more Classical approach of this subject will be more profitable, the study of old and modern Classics, such as Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Classics, Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Bridge to Freedom, Summit Lighthouse, atemporal teachings, not linked to time frames.

After all, preparation for Ascension or death is all contained in these works. Modern messages just repeat what has already been said, with the disadvantage of confusing the issue, clear in older teachings.

Modern messages should be the "cherry on the cake", just the final touch, instead they become like the Three Stooges preparing the cake.

3 Stooges Birthday Cake

[link to www.youtube.com]
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