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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sometimes I think that Three Stooges is the only thing worth watching on TV burnit

About the excerpt mentioned, I don´t think it refers to a date, 2012 in the case, since in the last message St. Germain says:

"How Grace Leads The Way

My dear ones. Counting down to 2012 does not deliver an accurate conclusion about continent movement. Neither the content of my messages, nor the content of any other messages, has given you dates that can be counted on. All dates are a guess. Give up predictive consciousness, and get your heart open about the present."

These St. Germain messages are more vague about time frame now, older messages were more precise, but failed, thus this new approach.

Some comments on this part:

"Deleting Contractions About Death

When the land masses are moved, the game will be over for many. They need no more challenges to learn from. They are now the change agents that lead lessons to others. More than 20 million, when the days of darkness come, will leave this drama, if they have done the learning needed to ascend. When ascension comes, they will either be called to disappear, or die in a natural way. Neither of these ways is more divine than the other. One will call attention to the change in mass consciousness that has occurred, the other will not. All who do not ascend with the group can also ascend at death. This ascension will only make the news if an error in one's death experience needs to be known. When no error is made, like disappearing in the darkness without witnesses, one can be an example of less concern."

This doesn´t refers to the Pole Shift, but to land masses move prior to that, probably what the Zetas are telling.
Older messages mention the 20 million disappearing when the "days of darkness" begin. There is a mention in the excerpt above about calling the attention, making the news, this will not occur in the Pole Shift, there will not be newspapers then.

Therefore it is difficult to know what scenario will unfold, if Three Waves, or three-in-one as mentioned above, it seems that they don´t know either, all are guesses.

About the classical works, Jesus demonstrated the Ascension process in practice, Yoga works speaks about achieving Samadhi through meditation and being free from the wheel of rebirth, Babaji have done the transformation of his body into the Golden Immortal Body through Yoga practices, Ramalinga as well, Alice Bailey deals with Ascension in depth in Initiation Human and Solar and The Rays and Initiations, another excelent book is Dossier on the Ascension, by Serapis Bey, published by Summit Lighthouse.
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