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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It is a matter of choice, Christians for example don´t have interest in details on Ascension, they just wait for the day when Jesus will return and they will meet with him in the air, and will have their bodies transformed into the Glorious Body instantaneously and will go to live with him forever in the New Earth, as decribed in the Bible.

Others more intelectually inclined like to understand the subject rationally, like any scientific field of study, and these will benefit by the study of these works mentioned. Alice Bailey has the closest approach to the scientific method, although sometimes Tibetan, the author who dictates the works isn´t as clear as should be desirable, nonetheless it is the best in the field.

Dossier on the Ascension, by Serapis Bey is another indispensable work, since it is dictated by the Guardian of the Ascension Flame.

It is not necessary to read too many books to have a general intelectual understanding of the Ascension, just some specialized works, moreover just basic information is offered in these works, but they are satisfactory to the mind.

And the more important, how to prepare for the Ascension, in this crucial subject Operation Terra is champion in clarity, summarizing all in a few words:

"Second, the lifting we have spoken of is dependent on one action and one condition alone: it is necessary to have love in one's heart and in order to do that, it is necessary to "root out" (eliminate or neutralize) fear within oneself. We have defined love in part as the absence of fear, so it is only logical that the cultivation of love requires the removal of fear. Nothing else matters. It does not matter what you know about spiritual matters. It does not matter what you look like or what your age is or where you live. What is in your heart and your attendant frequency are the only criteria for the lifting. If you are afraid to receive the lifting for any reason, you will not be lifted."
(THE BOTTOM LINE, February 25, 2001)

[link to www.operationterra.com]

Jesus teachings in Bible say basically the same, " Love God above all and thy neighbor as thyself", therefore we can see that the only requirement for the Ascension can be summarized in one word: LOVE.


What is ascension?

* How does OT/SG/classics definitions of it relate?

Example 1: OT says ascension will lead to life on a great new planet, terra, in a cool new body. SG says ascension leads to existence with no planet and no body.

We must remember that St. Germain confirmed the authenticity of Operation Terra, therefore can´t exist contradiction between OT and his messages.

St. Germain´s messages sometimes are unnecessarely complex and confuse in my opinion, which is worthless according to St. Germain since he says all opinions are worthless :-)

Operation Terra is not alone, many many many genuine sources, including the Bible, match with Operation Terra.
There is a vast body of knowledge, from the most different sources, places and times, matching and depicting a coherent scenario, therefore when comparing sources it is important to take that in consideration, it is not a matter of comparing Operation Terra with Saint Germain, but a whole body of information which includes Operation Terra with Saint Germain.

"SG says ascension leads to existence with no planet and no body."

SG mentions that the 20 million have contract to Ascend to 7th Dimension. This dimension is beyond 5D New Earth. In this 7th Dimension the Divine Spark don´t have a body like in 5th Dimensional New Earth, but creates one intantaneously at will in any desired dimension, from 7th to our present 3D.
I think that he was trying to move the reader´s focus higher. But there will be a stay in 5D Terra for some years, OT mentions Terrans having children and living for more than a century on Terra before moving on to higher dimensions.

"What is ascension?"

A general overview of mankind journey will be useful to put the things in perspective, these informations come from Theosophy and Alice Bailey:

A pair of Divine Beings, one male and another female, whose physical body is our Sun, create the Divine Sparks, their sons and daughters.

This Divine Spark begins its evolutionary path, first innhabitating stones (The Mineral Kingdom) during millions or even a few billion years, then move to the Vegetal Kingdom, innhabitating plants, million of years again, then the Animal Kingdom, million of years.

Then occurs the phenomenon called Individualization, the Divine Spark which innhabitated the animal is united to the Holy Guardian Angel, and the animal instantaneously becomes a Human Being, and begin the evolution in the Human Kingdom.

A primitive man at first, not much different from an animal, but now posessing what the animal don´t have, the mind, brought forth by the Angel.

Then the man evolves, develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and at some point of its evolution begins to feel the call of his Angel, and enter the Initiation Path.

He learn to control the Phyical Body and receives the First Initiation.

Idem, the Emotional Body, Second Initiation.

Idem, Concrete Mental Body, Third Initiation. This Initiation is specially important since occurs the Alchemical Marriage, the candidate is permanently united to his Holy Guardian Angel.

Then the Fourth Initiation, the Ascension. The Physical Body, Emotional Body, Concrete Mental Body and Causal Body are consumed by the Ascension Flame, and the Divine Spark will innhabit then the Glorious Body, composed only by matter of the Higher Mental Plane, and will innhabit planets also thus composed, like the New Earth.

In this Initiation there is the union with the Twin Soul, who will be innhabitating another Glorious Body as well. One male body and one female body, as Operation Terra describes, the true Adam Kadmon or Eve Kadmon Body.

Things don´t stop there, the evolutionary journey goes on, further Initiations are achieved, and one day the Divine Spark, better saying the couple of Divine Sparks, will have as Physical Body a planet, like the Earth, and much time later, a Sun, and will create then new Divine Sparks.

This is the Universe routine, similar to mankind routine, but in a higher level. Above as below.

What is the purpose of all this ? To expand the Creation thus expanding the ecstasy of all participants. Like a family, more children, more happiness. Oh yes, more work too :-) The Gods work hard to tender their huge families.


"What is awakening?

* How does OT/SG/classics definitions of it relate?

Example 2: SG roughly defines awakening as losing the mind's grip on awareness. OT roughly defines awakening as realizing your greater identity, of which your 3D identity is only a small part.

An important thing to consider when reading these SG messages is that they are strongly biased on Advaita Vedanta. Aruna is a teacher of this branch of Jnana Yoga, and these messages should be more properly viewed as "Saint Germain advanced lessons on Advaita Vedanta" rather than general instructions for all Ascension candidates, like Operation Terra.

These messages expose a particular method, but this isn´t the only method, as the Hindus know well, there are several other branches of Yoga besides Jnana Yoga, there is Bhakta Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion, similar to Christianity, Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action, good works, similar to Christianity too, which is mainly composed by these two paths, there is also the Raja Yoga, as exposed in Patanjali Yoga Sutras and other works.

However, despite these SG messages have this strong bias of Advaita Vedanta, they bring information for all Ascension candidates, thus its value even for those who don´t follow this particular path.

What SG refers to as "Awakening", by what I have researched about Advaita Vedanta, is similar to Samadhi in Raja Yoga. The Superconsciousness state that is achieved when the ripples on the mind matter are calmed down through methodic concentration practices thus allowing the Divine Spark to manifest fully through its veichles or bodies (physical, emotional, mental )

I have no familiarity with Advaita Vedanta, but after a quick research, it seems that it has nothing miraculous, it is a valid and praised Yoga path, the Jnana Yoga path, but it doesn´t bring miraculous and instantaneous results, it is a long journey, many lives of practice, like Raja Yoga.

It seems that "Instantaneous Awakening" has been sold lately in the Spiritual market, but the genuine practioners of Advaita Vedanta caution against that, it seems that this "Instantaneous Awakening" is just the culmination of a long path, not a miraculous new method as sometimes it is sold.

However we must remember that Ascension candidates are by nature old souls, therefore SG intructions may indeed bring this result for some, but it is important to remember that this is not the only path, and don´t loose the focus on the main requirement for Ascension, LOVE.

A study of the Advaita Vedanta classics are essential to understand these St. Germain instructions, if the person decide to follow this path.

Operation Terra initially put meditation as essential but later relaxed a bit the recommendation to recomendable, but not essential. I think that this is a more realistic approach, Love vibration is essential, not success in meditation.

This should be the focus, to keep Love vibration in daily life, which is a tremendous task, since in present time Darkness is spread, and the current way of life conspires to take the person out of Love vibration.

Meditation if considered as an auxiliar, a relaxing moment, is good, but if the person focus just on success in meditation she may loose the real necessary focus, Love.

There is not much time for a regular meditation path, meditation take many lives to bring results, but trying to keep Love vibration all the time is something anyone can do.
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