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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Twin Flames is a teaching from many genuine spiritual sources. Moreover the Hosts mention that as well:

April 14, 2001


"On Terra, every life form that reproduces by sexual means is mated. Every life form in that category is paired with its twin its counterpart what we call the dyad. Each Oversoul is complete within itself, just as the Creator is complete within Itself. There is no division into parts or genders, but in Its desire to experience everything, the Creator divided Itself into many parts that could then seek to unify back together again, and then having accomplished that would be divided up into an entirely new Creation what could be viewed as the exhale and the inhale of the Creator's breath.

First the exhalation the breathing out into form, and then the inhalation the coalescing of form back into the formlessness that gave rise to it in the first place. The dyad is really the first level of the Creator (the monad) dividing itself into parts. This happens at all levels of the Creation, but for now we will keep our focus on the most apparent form of that the twin, the counterpart that is the "other part" that each part seeks to find and unify with. We will call this part the "mate" of the other.

Mating is not just for reproduction. Mating is the act of unifying with one's mate, and reproduction is reserved for those times when a new being or unit is required for the balance of the whole. Population levels on Terra will remain fairly stable, once the colonization is complete. It will take some time to accomplish that, but once it is complete, those forms that leave Terra in one way or another will be replaced by others, and thereby maintain the balance of the whole."

[link to www.operationterra.com]

Therefore, this new message contradicts the older. Why that occurred is subject of speculation. Perhaps people were creating much mess about that. Or this message may be from another beings and not from the Hosts.

Operation Terra has been in full decadence for long time. This new message says nothing. But Volume One and Two are good and match with another genuine sources.
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