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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This message contains a direct answer to the question about qualification for the Ascension we have been commenting upon.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Choose an Attitude or Ascension

One consciousness will teach the masses once the ascension occurs. Change in all areas of conceived details is coming. No conditions being discussed now can be depended upon. When the ascension is complete, many will cling to concepts about a death and birth continuation, but nothing more advanced than an attitude of "me next" is needed to be on the next wave. Can all ascend? Technically yes, but not actually. Why? Anger, distrust, criticism, and attitudes against. In each case the disturbances to an Awakened consciousness need to be disolved. A lack of contact to higher intelligence beyond the mind cancels an ascension. One needs to master all aspects of the human experience to ascend.

Face the day's events with a happy grin and give light to all that appear in your auric field. Pass on discussions that are negative and continue answering as a divine creation does, without negative attitudes. In the days of darkness, glow with love at the adventure about to unfold. Give your light always.

Masters are ascending. Chosen by themselves, not any culling or attribute decision of God. Ask for God's choice and it will be ascension. Act on inner guidance and it will choose ascension. No doubts about qualifications please - all who choose ascension can qualify. You wouldn't be choosing it if the contract did not designate this. No matter what God you call, or what act of faith you demonstrate, all are given the equal opportunity.

Am I an advisor of those who demand credentials or material proof of my awareness? No, my credentials are not as available to you as those who may claim to "know more". It is my work to lead all who can believe in these messages to ascension. No more coddling with drivel that makes you feel good. No more cheery dream designed fantasies to consume. My words are direct and to the point, to wake up all who are actually ready to ascend.

My call is to all who are open to my channeled messages. Those who are not can get their advice elsewhere. Prayers about gratitude are the call to my octave of consciousness. Are you grateful to get my messages? Are you grateful to get the opportunity to ascend? Are you glad to be alive at this time when all changes into a different arrangement of human conditions? Gratitude for all that comes is an awareness that qualifies you for ascension. Negative attitudes against "anything" do not.

Abundant choices are available to make now. What do you choose? Awareness? In this choice you accept that who you are is divine and express that divine consciousness naturally. An example of this is the natural delivery of giving and caring.

If you choose a negative attitude against darkness, choose again. Your negativity creates darkness.

Will you choose moral activism? No defense of any belief is a condition for ascension. All attitudes "against" anything divinely created has negativity to be considered.

Are you able to get out of negativity? Yes, by choosing to drop all opinions. Neutral attitudes are conscious attitudes. All opinions are ego's decision. Masters are opinionless. No duality crosses their mental construct. Only light comes from their mouth or their pen. Healing comes with the loss of negative opinions. God's grace comes out of the container of human attributes instead.

I AM THAT I AM is your true identity, not the dream that has the God concept in it. Be I AM THAT I AM and deliver healing to those who are not yet able to know who they really are.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

[link to comptedesaintgermainsblog.blogspot.com]
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