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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Ahim-sa
Post Content
As I feel put this out, as this "False Prophet," along with all the others around this earth, Sara Zebrat,also known as aka- Sara Lyara Estes- now calls herself Adonna, released in full print of all of Operation Terra material in a new book of the collective works. Again, this lady now in her 70's is again "channeling," and even says Lord Christ, which she uses the name Sananda for Jesus, is "channeling" through her to guide through the next phases of "The Divine False Prophecy" she carries for herself and others that follow, as many many people have fallen away from her and her false Prophacy. I this along with ALL other False Prophets as for they all "think" know what is going to happen in December of 2012 and into 2013. I love these this soul Sara unconditionally, but not everything has been written by the "Oversoul" as she predicts. Everyone is still veiled. Not one soul knows what will happen with anything until the moment arrives. I am not happy with the elites of this world and the corruption of the governments of this earth. I feel justice will prevail over all of the kinds of people, and all False Prophets that "Think" they know what Earth will be next or what will happen to a particular group of people on this earth. I say "All of you are False." Spread Divine love and yes forgive, as I have already forgiven all that I have spoken and compassion for what they will experience as all do have free will in in all choices in made in life.

Treat people with Love that is divine, meaning unconditional, forgive, helps others, and spread peace. Blessings to all!

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