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Message Subject OPERATION TERRA - Closing Thoughts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A new Op Terra message dated Dec 15, 2012 was just put on the official website.
Not unexpectedly, yet another excuse for the failure of events to transpire as predicted as emerged and this one is a doozy.
This pattern will be seen in many other "channels" when 2012 comes and goes with nothing happening.
The latest excuse is that the "Creator" has just extended the timeframe another THREE years!
This was all supposed to have ended way back around 2006.
Now its three more long years of waiting for Godot, who never shows up.
No credibility whatsoever.
Even hard core Op Terra believers must be disgusted for having been duped by these messages, which started out as uplifting and hopeful.
May I say...a pox on ALL these new age gurus that profited and lied to people with their promises of "soon" endlessly repeated.
Stick a fork in Op Terra, it's burned to a crisp this time.
It's become exactly what it told people not to be fooled by...the little boy that cried wolf.
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