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Message Subject Ban lifted..apology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
bloody hell, I love this site cause im sick of ats, and at least we can talk freely, and i love to swear, i know i shoulnt, but americans swear so well, and i just LOVE swearing back at them, they are so easy to rile, oh, and not to mention the europians, they can hardly talk english and are so much fun, cause they are so polite and REALLY take offence when you swear at them, and they try and swear back but cant cause they are so polite, so they end calling you "stupid" which is to me, FARKIN funny as shit, but seriously, I really do enjoy swearing at americans, i just know they love it.Of course to really get some truly articulate swearing, the poms take the cake.But YANKS are just SO, i dont know, maybe filthy, everythings about balls and handjobs, with a coupla fs@cs all thrown together in one huge long swearing rant, truly, i love the way americans swear.I hope it is allowed, cause ive been swearing my head off here for years, oops......
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