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Message Subject OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content
PIN THIS TRINITY....its now on Drudge.

Sure is... & when you click the link to the story, it takes you back to Drudge Page 1...

Guess Matt didn't want to link back to GLP.


Hey Scrump...I was looking for your smilie of the Cern Shiva statue yesterday to put on the original post. I remembered you posted it on another thread earlier this year. Do you still have that somewhere and can post it on here so I can paste it?

Thanks! By the way, I had to come to my town's library to post this since the internet is down at my house. I'll tell you, if I was paranoid....good thing I'm not :)
 Quoting: ^Watcher^


I had it uploaded but had to delete it for space a while back (150 max)...

9teen.47 had re-uploaded it & posted it to a few CERN/Shiva threads before getting banned... if you search those from between 2-4 months ago you'll probably find it.

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