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Message Subject OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!
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I think what they are trying to say is that the Obama team and followers consider him a diety...like Shiva....

what the point of the matter is that of all the gods to use as an illustration, they chose Shiva, the destroyer.....

why that one? thats all we are talking about....is there a hidden message...?

you're point is well taken...the article suggests that Obama should not be considered a god of all things as the job is just too big for one person....that's obviously the intent of the message...

but before we get into that, the underlying point of them depicting him as the Hindu god that destroys the universe is freaky....

why do you think they chose that god?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1168631

If some of his followers consider him that then they need serious help.

But I don't think Newsweek meant that literally. I don't know. In my country the President is nicknamed "Zeus". It's an allegory. Nobody actually takes him for a deity.

Just my view.
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