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Message Subject OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
Post Content
Here is an image of Obama on the 11/22/2010 NEWSWEEK COVER:

[link to www.facebook.com]

Here is an image of SHIVA the DESTROYER of "Ego and, ultimately the Universe":

[link to www.google.com]

Shiva is also depicted in front of Cern Laboratory in Geneva.

[link to commons.wikimedia.org]

You can connect these "dots" any way you want. In my opinion, it doesn't look good EITHER WAY! You know Obama must have approved this image to be on Newsweek. I'm not sure what he wants us to gleen from this image of him but portraying himself as SHIVA, THE DESTROYER can't be a positive message!

Just can't be good! Don't know how yet but it can't be. Just look at that pose, would ya'?

Or maybe it's because he has a connection to Indonesia? So, first you hate him because he's Muslim, then you hate him because he's a socialist, then you hate him because he's a "messiah" or people "think" he is. Now what? You hate him because he's Buddhist? Shintoist? Taoist? Shiva, god of destruction. Shakti, god of life. Or was that Shaq, guard of the Heat? Ah, never mind. But you know Yahweh also says "I kill, and I make alive. I destroy and I raise up." 1 Samuel 2:6. Every God or god has that dual power. But...this is Obama on the cover in Shiva pose, and he's well not the anti-christ (wrong religion) so he must be?--I know! Nibiru the Planet Destroyer incarnate! Take that! you evil god impersonator!

Why don't you just say what you really feel? You hate Obama because he's a black man who won the presidency. He's the most powerful man right now on Earth and he's black and it just doesn't click for you. Cuz in Lil Abnerville, that just don't happen, holy by god!

I KNOW it's MANDATORY to play the race card. It really negates any point you are trying to make.
 Quoting: hazeylee 1168759

It gets really old!...REALLY! And he is HALF WHITE! They always forget that part!
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