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Message Subject OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
Post Content

Again...WTH!!!!! Are our tax dollars going to pay for the production of these videos? Did anyone else keep hearing the name "Shiva" in this video with the flying monkey?

Speaking of flying monkey...remember that scene from the "Wizard of Oz" that people say is an occult film? Those flying monkeys always gave me nightmares. That image of "hanuman" looks like one of them...down to the little FEZ hats they wore.

These videos you posted, Riker, are beyond bizarre and are evidence that something MUCH MORE is going on behind the scenes! I am sooo glad I did not vote for this man! My hands are clean!


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 722265

Well, for starts, I posted this thread! I made the connection using the discernment God has given me to point out that Obama was being portrayed as Shiva! I'm sure others would have come to that conclusion if I hadn't but I made that connection first!

You want to see what my observation has led to? Go to Google and type in Obama/Shiva and you will see 804,000 links, all from yesterday, all related one way or another to THIS THREAD!!!!

How is THAT for shining a light in the Dark Places, huh?! Exposing this corruption and deceit is HUGE in trying to stop this runaway train!

So...what are YOU doing about it? What observations have YOU made that take off like a brush fire? Are YOU just complaining?
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