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Message Subject OBAMA as SHIVA the DESTROYER !!!!! Obama/Cover of Newsweek...Shiva/Cern Statue! Spot any similarities!
Poster Handle Rev-bo
Post Content
What is President Obama destroying?

I say it's the Corporate United States, which most of us claim to want.

So why do you bad mouth him? He's doing his job. The US Corp will fall. We're witnessing it.


His "JOB" is to represent the best interest of America. Do you see one thing remotely American about this man? I see a Muslim name, questionable citizenship, Socialist/Communist agenda, and now, apparently, he wants us to see him portrayed as a HINDU gOD! What is American about any of the things listed? Can YOU relate to this man! THAT is part of the job, no? Being able to relate to those whom he supposedly leads?!

He does NOT have America's best interest in mind! The first thing he did after taking office was to overstep Congress and appoint "czars" for oversight, he has acted against the will of the people by ramming this Healthcare bill down our throats, signing every "executive order" pushed in front of him by God only knows who which take away more of our rights, forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions and other moral depravities...the list goes on and on!

So I ask you, how is it YOU think he is doing the job American's elected him to do? I don't doubt he is working hard as President but the VITAL question is "WHO IS HE WORKING FOR?!?!?" And maybe, more specifically, WHAT is he working for?!
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

Well said, Watcher, and great thread, BTW.

Quick point of order, though. His FIRST act was not to appoint czars. It was to seal all of his records through exec order so we would never know who this guy really is.

Signed on Jan 21, 2009.

[link to www.freerepublic.com]
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