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Message Subject ALIENS BROUGHT US HERE 900 YEARS AGO -- The 12 Apostles & Jesus never existed ... I CAN PROVE IT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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CORNELIUS TACITUS (55 - 120 A.D.) Tacitus was a 1st and 2nd century Roman historian who lived through the reigns of over half a dozen Roman emperors. Considered one of the greatest historians of ancient Rome, Tacitus verifies the Biblical account of Jesus' execution at the hands of Pontius Pilate who governed Judea from 26-36 A.D. during the reign of Tiberius.

-Jesus did exist

-Jesus was the founder of Christianity

-Jesus was put to death by Pilate

-Christianity originated in Judea (With Jesus)

-Christianity later spread to Rome (Through the Apostles and Evangelists)

Because of his position as a professional historian and not as a commentator Tacitus referenced government records over Christian testimony. There is not a surviving copy of Tacitus' Annals that does not contain this passage. There is no verifiable evidence of tampering of any kind in this passage. It simply provides evidence of Jesus' existence (a topic not debated at this point in history) and not his divinity.
[link to www.thedevineevidence.com]
 Quoting: Dave 1168058

How could this Tacitus have existed?

He and Jesus existed in the fairytale of the Roman empire.

You could never prove either one existed without first proving that the Roman Empire existed.

Why would the accounts of Tacitus survive about a crucifiction of one man that the Romans themselves killed and yet documentations of the Volcano, ha ha, that destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD didn't? -- There are no Roman records, nothing officially written in Latin of the supposed destruction of Pompeii.

How does an empire forget about such an important city like Pompeii?

Where are the official documentation written in Latin by the Romans accounting this event?

Where are the paintings of Pompeii done by Roman artists?

Where are the engraving commemorative plaques raised in tribute?

Where are the poems, and short stories taught to the children at school about the destruction of such a great city and the songs that were sung during the calender holiday of this very sad event?

Why did the Italians forget those songs, and the calender date?

There are songs written about 9-11

There are songs written about Katrina-Louisiana

Do you think New Yorkers will forget 9-11 in a thousand years?

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