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Message Subject ALIENS BROUGHT US HERE 900 YEARS AGO -- The 12 Apostles & Jesus never existed ... I CAN PROVE IT!
Poster Handle thatguy420
Post Content
Jesus was the founder of Christianity

-Jesus was put to death by Pilate

-Christianity originated in Judea (With Jesus)................ I will give you that the name "Christianity" came from "Jesus" stories, but almost all the teachings and stories within "christianity" are pagan, you and ALOT of other ppl need to read some history before they try to argue anything about these corrupt religions,and thats not a shot at just christianity, i say that about ALL major religions, hebrew, islam, some of buddhist, most of this is crap and has been changed to meet the needs of those in charge, get out and read, and not the "history" on GLP either, cuz most of these arguments are based on some crap that isn't even true itself, but i will tell you this, crap or not, some of these people present their shit n a way that it smells like a T-bone n taters, n u ppl gobble it up, its quite amusing
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