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Message Subject ALIENS BROUGHT US HERE 900 YEARS AGO -- The 12 Apostles & Jesus never existed ... I CAN PROVE IT!
Poster Handle Wayne_Ker
Post Content
Interesting theory, but it's really just conjecture. In order to believe we came here in 1100, we'd have to believe all ancient Egyptian writings were faked, and that a vast amount of history was made up all or the sake of a supposed alien test. What could possibly be their motivation?
King Henry V was actually King Henry the first and the other 4 Henrys were made up? What about the people who were old in 1100 AD? The aliens caused them to believe they had lived their entire lives here?
As for the planets...It's dark in space because you only see light as it's reflected. Planets reflect light just as our moon does.
What of the far more ancient ruins found 40 feet underwater near the island of Okinawa? Put there by aliens to make us believe there was an earth age before this one?
What of the fossil record? Did aliens stage the cambrian explosion? These aliens sure went to alot of trouble to trick us all when the only payoff seems to be an experiment. Why would aliens so advanced really care how we would act? Maybe they did it because we're tasty and in 2012 they're planning a huge intergalactic BBQ!
This bucket has too many holes to carry the water of a viable theory.
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