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Message Subject ALIENS BROUGHT US HERE 900 YEARS AGO -- The 12 Apostles & Jesus never existed ... I CAN PROVE IT!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I know is that both sides of the fence (more than likely one side playing both roles) don't want us humans to know shit, and that here on Earth, there is a price for real truth, and real truth should be shared freely with all having no negative consequences!!

To put it crudely, both sides can kiss my ass, now, having said that, there isn't much I wouldn't do to attain real truths besides crossing the line of my personal moral codes!!

So, just what are you suggesting?


If it expects or demands worship, it is not divine!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

well, i'm just curious about your evolution as a seeker.

while it's true there are many groups who hold secrets...and that knowledge in and of itself is not exactly common knowledge, the real info is gleaned through having experiences within the confines of the aforementioned groups.
you understand this......and so it comes down to: what do you want to know? what would you be willing to do for it? and most important, why do you really want to know it? ie. what would one do with such info? intention?

the whole crossing of the moral code issue is the crux.

in my experience only the truly divine in intent(we all got flaws) can swim to the depths of the darkness and be stripped of their moral codes only to resurface and clad themselves anew. ultimately it becomes necessary in some aspect for the seeker to do so. undercover work....i'd call it.

guess i'm not really suggesting anything....just always wanted to know more about your thoughts on that.
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