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free masons illuminati WW3 royalty and aristocracy

User ID: 1169873
United Kingdom
11/20/2010 01:42 PM
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free masons illuminati WW3 royalty and aristocracy
fact is is this: everyone is looking to blame someone but someone didnt do it everyone didnt believe someone because somebody created a lie to fool someone and everyone so someone and everyone believed it and they started war with each other while somebody got away with the crimes against humanity. are you understanding this? the whole thing was planned all explained by albert pike in morals and dogma. ppl are like it must be china or iran or iraq or islam when the fact is its been sat in our own back yard the whole time, its the merovingian royal family of the uk the insignia is the antichrist and he is getting married next year take a look at who in the royal family is getting married next year with the whore of babylon then check the coat of arms for the uk now look at it real careful if you really cant work it out look at the link [link to www.cephasministry.com]
ppl think its the masons? no far from they were used like the everyone else has been. one thing in particular is this, how many are now trying to debunk the bible and jesus christ in fact how about the protocols of the learned elders of zion? notice how it wasnt an anti semitic book in 1905 when it was written but now ppl sit up and pay attention that all of a sudden its a hoax ? funny dont you think? there is no oint in revolting you have little option in this matter it was always gonna go this way the ultimate test will unfold soon like bush said "your either with us or against us" and i know what i choose there is no more dispute on whether or not god is real anymore and if it comes to prison or death im on his side and always will be the only way i will accept the merovingians and there new order of the ages is by forceful brainwashing it wont be the choice of my free mind