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Aliens, alien channelers are either fraud or suffering from complex psychological issues

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1170866
11/21/2010 01:10 AM
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Aliens, alien channelers are either fraud or suffering from complex psychological issues
Off late I am reading lot of messages that aliens are in control of our world , they are protecting common people from dark cabals by intercepting missiles, etc .
Here is the proof that they are either frauds or useless.

Let me first give a message to all so called aliens and their channelers.
If you aliens are in control - can you please strip off top 100 dark cabals in US when they go to office/shopping ,etc tomorrow(11/22/2010) and then post the list of name of all the people from whom you have taken away clothes.
We understand you can not kill dark cabals because you will accumulate bad karmas ,etc .
But with your super technologies , it must be possible to take off all clothes of top 100 dark cabals in US tomorrow(11/22/2010)

I am sure you cannot do it and you will not even respond to it , that would prove either you are fraud or have got mental issues.

Now let me prove that few thousands aliens can do nothing to free world from the clutches of dark cabals.

10% people in the world are enslaving remaining 90% people.
for example, in any big corporate 10% people are in management post whose main job is to enslave people under him and make them work for 12-20 hours per day by threatening them of lay off ,etc.

Now Few thousands aliens can do nothing to 60 crore dark cabals for the following reasons:

1. They cannot kill any dark cabal since it will accumulate bad karmas
2. They cannot steal ill gotten wealth of dark cabals and distribute it among rest of humans , again because of same reason
3. If dark cabals are causing earth quakes using technologies like HAARP ,etc , aliens can only tell it , but they are not in a position to destroy the infrastructure

My final message to all the so called aliens would be to "stop talking big , stop that crap business of channeling , appear in tv and give your message else go away , if earth has survived billions of years without you folks , it will continue to survive and human species is not the only species here."