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RECORD OUTFLOWS last week for Muni bond Funds

User ID: 1171335
United States
11/21/2010 08:41 PM
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RECORD OUTFLOWS last week for Muni bond Funds
Record outflows last week for muni bond funds

Investors cashed out of the $2,800bn municipal bond market in the last week, withdrawing a record $3.1bn from mutual and exchange traded funds specializing in this type of debt, said Lipper’s, the fund tracker.

Retail investors are the primary buyers of “munis”, and they seem to have rushed for the exits. Insurance funds buy them “going away” (meaning won’t be seen again in the secondary). Imagine if all that junk were marked to market. Imagine if the market disappears. Imagine if the insurance companies collapse.

The Automatic Earth says: "If a bank bailout of the scale that's taking place in Ireland, per person, were to take place in the US, that would amount to $9.1 Trillion".

The above was copied from Poster Ray Heritage on Wallstreet Examniner...

And fuck you very much GLP moderators...