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Message Subject Strange missing person case from Antarctica. 3 deaths linked to US Antarctic Program.
Poster Handle Xenus 
Post Content
One email from Joshua's sister.

I am Joshua's sister, unforunately I do not know what clearances he had. Joshua is somewhat private and quiet about his job. His position on the ship was as an EMT and a marine tech. He had an incrediably safe job performance over ten years. It has never been said one way or the other what happened that day on the ship. Just that he disappeared. We have not had much luck with the FBI or with Raytheon, for the most part what Raytheon did say or do was misinformation or untrue. We would find out later that they had misinformed us on many things. They told us that both Raytheon and the Chiliean authorities would investigate the disappearance, that was not true or they dont want to give us copies of the investigation. They also would not give us a death certificate. I know my brother did not fall off that ship or jump off that ship. What happened I do not know. It will be three years on the 17th, that we have been looking for answers.

One interesting note. The astrophysicist that died, his girlfriend that he was engaged to be married was on the ship as well when my brother disappeared.

Several of Joshuas personal belongings never came home, and they let crew read his personal letters and emails. Raytheon also sat in on the FBI interviews with crew members which I feel tainted the investigation. We (his family) was not invited to the memorial in Chile that they had for Joshua.

My brother is a smart, educated, trained man. He has survival training. He was extremly close to my children. We heard from him just days before he disappeared and had instant messaged my daughter weeks before on her birthday, stating he had bought her a birthda gift. Which we never got. He is an amazing person and we miss him more than I can put into words.
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