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Message Subject Urgent Message today from Rick Wiles: America is controlled by a secret shadow government. What is next on their agenda?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks OP.

He says Obama will set up some chaos and blame it on others to divide and conquer or attempt to. That is for the USA citizens - My thought: Mexicans and anyone else you should go home while you can (think about it seriously).

That we should go without presents at Christmas or however you spend your money then and stock up with what you need.

Guess we are in a civil war now, quiet one behind the scenes so far but even with Titors statements...it appears they will state safety over freedom and with that one decision we will have a civil war. (is that what you want Obama? as they state your desires or thoughts about our world will lose also)

The patriots will win in the end, against all opponents...many will die for naught when they could be helping to fix the world to be free and live in a healthy non polluted world. One world govt does not equal freedom and is run by corporates so they will lose and should not be considered. That means the UN will lose and all others with nuclear wants will lose and or die. Europe will also be hurt, etc.

Lots to think about when it all boils down to letting people be free and simply cleaning up the corporate pollution created all over world to live in a better world.
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